Casino retention bonus is a powerful and effective loyalty tool

One of the basic marketing principles that any business school worth its salt will tell you is that keeping a good customer loyally patronizing the products and services of your business is a cheaper strategy than attracting new ones. This learning has actually been borne out by studies, and it does make sense. To look at it simplistically, you spend less money explaining and highlighting your business to a client who already understands it. Pretty much like how a guy would always have his best foot forward when wooing a lady, and can then cut himself a little slack when they are already exclusively dating.

Given this sight, the next logical question to ask would be: how then do you encourage and develop this loyal patronage among your clients? Different businesses may offer different inducements, but everything again boils down to a basic principle: Know who your customers are and what they want. Again, pretty much like when asking a girl out.

Virtual casinos and gaming establishments are like any other business, and therefore benefit from these nuggets of wisdom as well. Thus, one thing that you will most likely find especially in the more popular and established sites (and should as such serve as a tip to all start ups and struggling labels out there) is the casino retention bonus.

What, you may ask, is a casino retention bonus? The three words pretty much explain themselves, since it is a bonus or marketing promotion offered by gaming establishments to retain the custom and patronage of their players. It has proven very effective in achieving its goal, but as with most things if life, not all of the ones you find in the market are created equal.

If you are a gaming portal wanting to offer an effective casino retention bonus, what should you then consider? And this is where the second business gem comes in. Know your market, and what it wants.

Most, if not all, your patrons will fall in either of two categories: the new player or the experienced aficionado. Admittedly, each one will respond positively to the promise of free money from your bonus, but what will actually attract them to such bonus will differ.

The new player, as is human nature, will most likely be attracted to flash and bang, that is, the impressive amounts, without much consideration for playing terms and conditions. The experienced aficionado, having already gone around the block several times, may settle for the smaller amounts but with more achievable play-through requirements.

So the next time you formulate your bonus package, think thoroughly what kind of market you are aiming for.

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