Pawn Stars

Pawn stars television series has been aired in over 130 countries in the world and many people sustained the show because of its concept and the characters. Today, you can turn off your television and experience pawn stars but not on television but in a slot machine. It was such a brilliant idea from Balley technologies to develop this amusing slot games patterned from this popular TV series. There's nothing more exciting than experiencing pawn stars in a casino game. The game uses everything seen in the popular television series but in the game you are in control of the characters. If you have not yet tried it yourself then it's time for you to do so. There are many bonuses that await you in the game process.

To start the game, you are going to pick among Rick, Richard, Corey and Chumlee, the famous pawn stars characters. Choose the one that you like most then after the selection process you can now come into to the world of Pawn Stars to buy and sell your way to fame. Playing this game will allow you to win a lot of prizes and bonuses. It offers eleven different bonus wheels that can be found above the screen. If you can trigger the bonus wheel you have a chance to spin it and win instant prizes. The bonus wheel has almost 20 free games inventory that would allow you to redeem, have free credits or more bonus rounds. In order to have items that you can sell later you'll need to collect it in the base game. These items will randomly appear while the game is in progress and when items are accumulated it will automatically appear in the inventory screen found on top or deck of the machine. Later if you run out of money you can sell these items to have instant credits. The value of these items will also appear randomly in the inventory screen.

The most exciting part of the game is when chumlee, dressed in leprechaun suit and muddling through a pot of gold appear on screen, it means chumless bunos. Other features such as popular ideck interaction, free bonus game, wilds and you pick'em are something that you need to watch in this game as well.

Pawn stars slot games operates on a pro-wheel cabinet that has two 22 inches screen. It is loaded with exceptional animations and graphics that is life-like appearance. It comes in 25 paylines and five reels and the maximum amount of money you can bet in this slot machine is 250 credits. You can bet as much as $1000 and as low as one cent and win as much as 18,400 credits playing in this slot.

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