Online Casino Bonuses from Microgaming

There's no doubt about it, Microgaming is Canada's leading developer of online casino game software and they're well on their way to being the best in the entire world.

Microgaming has been putting in their time and effort towards making the best, brightest, and most fun games that can be had on any online casino site. On top of that, Microgaming regularly releases three or four games per month, always adding to their catalogue of amazing games which, as of writing time, has topped more than 500. The proof is in the subscribers that take Microgaming's top quality products onboard to their casino sites to ensure they have the best of the best, currently numbering at 120 online casinos as well as 40 online poker sites.

The back end of what happens in the Microgaming network is just as interesting as the games themselves. To date, nearly CAD $600 million in Progressive Jackpots have been paid out to players, with seven winners becoming instant millionaires on the same slot machine. Mega Moolah, the slot that made seven players' dreams come true in a single spin, is also the source of the biggest Progressive Jackpot ever won, the amazing total was slightly more than CAD $8.71 million.

Aside from all the entertainment and the draw that the huge wins that players have hit on Microgaming games in the past, there's also a 97% payout rate given by their games. At first glance, this may not seem as an appeal but knowing that this is among the highest payout rates of any online casino software developer anywhere. Alongside the 24/7 technical support that Microgaming offers for players, they also offer great service in terms of bonuses and extras through varying promotions that come through specific games as well as with casino partners, especially fellow Canadian sites.

All Slots Casino, boasting more than 500 games, offers an amazing $500 welcome package plus ongoing weekly bonuses and a Loyalty Points program that keeps freebies and boosts to bankrolls coming in regularly so long as players stay on the site. Maple Casino offers a three tier deposit matching promo which allows players to adjust their level of play based on how much they're willing to bet in return for their chance at millions. Tier one offers a 100% deposit match up to $100, two gives 50% matching up to $100, and the third tier offers 200% limited at a further $100. There's even been made available a GrizzlyGambling exclusive Microgaming Casino bonus for readers of casino news on this site.

Grand Fortune Casino

Grand Fortune
$2000 Welcome Bonus up to 200%