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Fashion TV What, you ask, what in Heaven's name is that all about?

Well sorry for the confusion, but the Fashion TV Casino is the place to be where glamor meets glamor and if one considers themselves as always being in the know, and one of the first who normally likes to hang out with the in-crowd and where the action is at, this is no time to get left behind.

Come inter-mingle in this glitzy world that offers the very best of the best. A Net Entertainment bonus is not all that is on offer, it won't take long to get the feel that one is in a very special place possibly just reserved for special invitation only. How did one get so lucky and jump right ahead of the line?

Keeping on top of the trends are important to the Fashion TV Channel, as so it is with the Fashion TV Casino. With this wonderful fusion of finery, the player can have the best of both worlds by being on top of the very latest Casino games and slots at the same time enjoying the underlying fashion with its prevalent chic ambience of glamor trends as well.

There are of course special hospitality facilities for VIP's and also an opportunity to participate in legendary fashion parties. The casino is an extraordinary brand that brings a lot of fashion content to the foreground as well as designers and beautiful trained models and party hosts, it's almost reminiscent of the Playboy Club, although the fashion is slightly different!

When it comes to having fun, who in their right mind can say no to an indelible experience. It is what life is all about creating new things, and is what makes the world go round. Now there are fashionable gaming machines displaying symbols of Perfume, shoes, bags, diamonds trendy cars along with other such luxury items ready to intoxicate one's gaming experience and take it on up to the stratosphere.

Whilst playing on one of their popular games and playing for a Net Entertainment bonus one can be forgiven for being distracted with all the additional goings on and events.

Surrounded by beautiful well dressed women adorning the latest in fashion in one of their multiple rooms, be it the 7th Avenue Room, Cavalli Room, Bond Room or the Versace VIP room, one can easily be distracted.

Time to focus on the Net Entertainment bonus and the exceptional $1100 on offer for the first 4 deposits. After all, it's the reason for being here in the first place! Has one already so quickly forgotten!

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