Winamax Casino VIP bonus is generous and keeps you going back

Any retail establishment will tell you that there are primarily two kinds of business that you can generate. The first is the new business, which involves the initial purchase from a new customer. The second is the return business, which is the second and subsequent patronage from a client. Each obviously has its own appeal, but the second in particular has several going for it. First, it reinforces that you most likely are doing something good and/or are offering a good product / service. Second, the more often a client returns, the more that his or her loyalty to the business builds up. Third, it is actually cheaper to keep an existing client than to attract new ones, especially when considering marketing and servicing costs.

These basic business insights apply even to online entertainment portals, thus one of the main attractions and inducements of any online gaming site is the loyalty package or program it offers to continue to interest players to explore their site, try out the games, and use that bank roll.

Winamax is no different and it offers an attractive casino VIP bonus plan that builds on your playing history for the previous month, converted into miles, their unit of measurement of choice. General terms and conditions to avail of this plan apply. For one, participation in cash games and real-money tournaments will help you build up the miles. A player must also have enjoyed a Bronze status in the previous month to avail, and your actual status determines the package you get to enjoy. Finally, a bonus can only be unlocked by accumulating the required number of miles within a one-month period.

So what is at stake in this casino VIP bonus? There are ten levels in the plan, with the lowest being Bronze and the highest of Red Diamond. A Bronze player gets an extra €5 in his account upon reaching 750 miles from his gaming activities. The bonus amounts get higher and higher, along with the hurdle thresholds, as you move on to the succeeding tier of the program. At the highest level of Red Diamond, Winamax offers as much as €500 free for the first 250,000 miles with another €500 for the succeeding 100,000 miles. Wow, a chance for a free €1,000 is definitely nothing to sneeze at.

The portal obviously does not believe in delaying gratification as the bonuses are immediately reflected in the player's bank roll on the first day of each month and are available for use until the last day of said month.

Surely, the Winamax casino VIP bonus is definitely one way to keep that return business coming.

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